Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day

If you find yourself feeling a bit more chipper than usual on Saturday, check out the calendar. Sept. 17 holds a special significance for we Irish. No, not because it’s just five days away from the start of fall. It’s because it’s a mere 181 days until St. Patrick’s Day.

Sure we’ve got a long way to go, especially with a typical New England winter just a few brutal cold fronts away. But if you decide to raise a pint or enjoy a delicious bowl of Irish stew, know you won’t be alone.

Recognizing the significance of Sept. 17 began in earnest in 2009 when Guinness marked its 250th anniversary, with the Dublin-based brewery sponsored live music events and other celebrations around the world to help commemorate the day. And it’s become a minor holiday in its own right ever since.

You can read a quick history of the Halfway to St Patrick’s Day celebration here.

So if you see an unusual amount of green-clad Irish folk making their way around town on Saturday, rest assured there’s a pretty good reason for it.